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We offer consultations to address any issues in your life:  health, money, materials, educational or business goals, family concerns, relationships, creativity, inspiration, and your life journey.  These consultations involve deep listening, to you, and everyone involved, including the place!   

Places are relationships that we  often take for granted.  The energy of a place both reflects the people who live there, and creates the feelings of the people who live there.     In Feng Shui, the special qualities and gifts of areas in places are recognized.  We look at the areas in each place to see if they are feeding the needs of that area, and feeding you.  

We listen, as we walk through the place, intuitively sensing what the energy is:  where it is stuck, where it flows, if it's too fast, too slow, happy, sad, etc.   The place begins speaking to us.   Like someone at the doctor's office, it tells us the problems!  And often it tells us what it would like for changes. 

With  focus on the energy and how it affects everyone involved,  we help you create a place that meets your needs and aspirations.  

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Making changes is best done with the sense of what is most true to your heart.

Even little changes can be powerful. So we stay present and in tune with everyone concerned.

Our intention is always that the changes bring the greatest happiness to all involved.

When you are willing to make the positive changes, the energy flow immediately improves.

We make adjustments so that the greatest good can occur. And we rest to integrate.

Keeping a respectful heart towards all concerned, and being true to what you are feeling and your goals for your life, the new breath of life enters.

The Process & options


Changes We Make Together

These changes are often very easy, using what you already have on hand, but arranging things--like art, furnishings, and your attitude in a new, more lively and supportive way.  You can bring in traditional ornaments or icons that are made according to ancient principals to help where you desire the help, or you can have new ones made to your liking, such as commissioned art or decor, lighting, or renovations.

Renovations and New Construction

We recommend that before you do renovations, and before you build a new place, you have a comprehensive consultation so that the changes support you.   Rather than following trends, we help you find what makes your heart sing.  We want you to live with relaxation and well being, and that is what our services help you create.

For Home, Business, Gardens and More

Our services can be  for home, office, business, school, any environment that is significant in your life.  The extent of the services can be the basic consultation, and great changes can be achieved with only this.  Often, though, much more information comes to us after the first consultation, and so we recommend the follow up steps.   


If you would like actual physical help clearing, organizing, planning landscape or interior design, finding furnishings, decor, plants, or fixtures, we offer this as part of the service.  We can work with builders, architects, landscape designers, or interior designers.  This helps assure that your time, money and hopes lead to real benefits to your life.

areas to consider

The Kitchen and Dining Room


The kitchen and dining room are so important to the vitality of everyone.   The floor plan here is crucial:  is it easy to move from sink to stove to fridge?  Is preparing healthy food inspired and relaxing?    Is the energy coming from surfaces gentle and supportive?  If not, what can we do to assure that it is?  Are the places organized and pleasing to be in?  Do you feel the colors, textures, and items are yummy?  Do you feel generous and happy in these places?  Do you feel nourished?  What would you like these places to have that they don't?  Kitchens can be showpieces, but to truly resonate as great, the body and beings in them must feel able to relax, replenish, and expand. 

The Entry Way


The entry way of a home influences your life joy.  What is your entryway like?  What is it like to arrive home?  To come through the door?  Do you feel expanded, happy, secure?  If not, what is the problem?  Do you invite people in with welcome?   Do you leave the house feeling optimistic and like you have support behind you as you venture into the world?  These are things we look at and listen to, to see what we can do to promote strength and well being through your entryway.

The Living Areas


Modern life is such that we often have living rooms, and dens for gathering out families, friends, and selves.   With the various options in design, decor, and layout, there are also many factors to assess.  First of all, is the living room helping you live?  Does it feel like a strong place to grow, to relax, to entertain, to engage with people, and to live?  How about the den?  What parts of the house are these rooms in?  Using the bagua from Feng Shui, we assess what elements would most feed these areas, and what decor and design would serve them best, so that they can offer you their greatest gifts.

Baths & Laundry


Again, the bathrooms and laundry rooms are modern realities that affect how the energy in a place flows.  The toilets, sinks, tubs, and the washer all have potential to drain energy from the space.  And yet, the laundry room is a great benefit to our modern lives.  It can also be an asset in spaces if done well.  So can bathrooms.  We help you find many ways to keep the energy from being spent.    If the placement is right, some of these rooms can offer great energy gifts to the space.  

We love designing beautiful, harmonious, and useful bathing places.  So if you are considering a remodel, please do a consultation first to make the most of it.



If you are lucky enough to have a yard or a garden, or any opportunity for plants--in window boxes or in the house, then this can be a great asset to the well being for everyone in the space.  Having created the Sustainable Gardens Tour, a result of years of anguish and research as toxic chemicals had filled our neighborhood, we are very aware of the roots of beauty:  true health and care for all.  The first thing to be aware of is, is the garden welcoming to all?  Are insects and critters as fed and comfortable here as humans?  Next, are the plants flourishing?  Can you spend time enjoying the sounds, scents, views and peace of the place?  If not, we can help in everything from garden design, procuring plants, overseeing the plantings, and helping you cultivate the thriving space as time goes on.



Every person and place has them!  This could be an area of storage that you have kept piling things into with out organizing, or clutter, or hoarding, or chemicals that you are using in cleaning or bathing or eating!

We all have our areas that we pretend aren't there. 

When we bring these secrets out into the light, they can be transformed to being of benefit.  So, we'll help you bravely tackle areas of rejection, and find acceptance for what life has been for you, and for yourself.  You'll be so empowered in this.  Sometimes it just takes a fresh orientation to see  the gifts in the mess.  And we will certainly help you do this.  You will be amazed at the positive changes that result. 

Meet Janan

As an artist and entrepreneur, Janan made art, owned two art galleries in Denver, worked in film, renovated houses, and wrote and published books.   To help us live in wholesome environments, she created the Sustainable Gardens Tour.  

Janan Jennifer Platt  has helped many clients in design and energy, improving many aspects of their lives.  She also counsels artists, entrepreneurs and organizations on business and creativity.

She has a BA in Humanities, from Northwestern University, plus decades in business, including film production, retail, art galleries, and the Gardens Tour.

Naturally intuitive, Janan's energy guidance expertise comes from   extensive study and practice of energy principals, including interior design, floor plans and architecture, Feng Shui, EFT, Creativity, spirituality, travel, art, history, psychology, mythology, and the ability to hear places and beings speak to her.  

Having grown up as the daughter of a doctor, healing has been her focus.  Often, Janan's animal companions offer their powerful and compassionate skills in helping people live happier lives.

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Making changes in one's environment can powerfully affect one's life and the lives of people, places and beings around you. For this reason, I recommend being clear on your intentions, with the intent for the highest good of all involved to pervade the energy and work at all times. Whether the changes are large or small, they can be powerful. I ask that people tune in to their hearts as much as possible so as to create the best new realities possible, for all. Case Studies are offered here to give samples of the personal nature of this work, as well as the process. Thank you, Janan

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